Eleven days into year eleven

Three blogs with differing agendas, which haven’t yet distinguished, but will now here.

Have proposed several tripartite differentiations among aspects of existential experience.  The gankyil, the three-part version of the YinYang symbol, reflects my own in-tuition (self-teaching?) that three interweaving strands express consistency relative to change.  My three aspects are: vertue, truth to one’s own self; view, truth to (one’s own view of) real reality; vision, truth to (one’s own vision of) the good life.  My three blogs could reflect these three aspects and their original and ongoing intuitions, interactions and integrations.  Thus leaflittering reflects my attempt to explore/extricate my vertue, as truth to myself; leaflettering reflects my attempt to explore/explicate my view, of truth to my real reality; leaflottering reflects my attempt to explore/extrapolate my vision, in truth to the good life.

Have proposed that all behaviour (and all beholdiour and believiour, definitions below), reflects integrations in the moment of interaction among inherited so inherent impetuses, incidental immediacies, and intrinsic imperatives, as experienced expedience/expedients. All aspects of existential experience expressed in/as behaviour, beholdiour, and believiour, are always obligate not optional, so optimal only in being what seems best in the moment, reflecting so representing what seems most right or least wrong, identifying and indicating inherited thus (often still if unexamined experienced as) inherent imperatives.

Briefly, beholdiour denotes truth to one’s own view of the reality of reality, as what one beholds, to which one is beholden; believiour is truth to one’s own vision of the good life, as what one believes [would as lief be = as gladly/happily let or leave be]; behaviour denotes truth to one’s own virtue/vertue in one’s own self in how one behaves (as does behoviour). [Behaviour might be more accurately renamed ‘behabiour’ to reflect its habitual aspect, as ingrained integrations among impetuses, immediacies and imperatives, although that name might obscure the aspirational aspect of ‘behaviour’, as what one would have be.]

Having struggled with these on and off throughout the day, am not satisfied that relative meanings among terms and concepts have been consistently delineated.  Will have to work on this further tomorrow.  (NB This post appears on all three blogs today, coordinating them.)



About leaflittering

person thinking about life as a series of encounters between expectations and experiences, and applying ideas to ecology, ethics, epistemology, and education in various environments
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