BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Broadcasting House, 30/01/2011

BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Broadcasting House, 30/01/2011.  On this programme heard Giles Brandreth with a section on neologisms.  Thought what an amazing audience out there, coming up with new words every bit as inventively as the ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ team.  No programme breakdown yet (presumably as it’s still Sunday) so can’t post specific link to section, but it was during this programme … I love new words, I love imposing symmetries onto words, especially by alliteration, as the beginning sound or phoneme is often also a seme that connotes and denotes its shared meaning with other words starting with the same sound. Words begining with ‘e’ for example, have meanings with ‘in’, ‘into’, ‘out of’, or ‘from’ components, so pairing similar words words where possible brings out this aspect.  Other kinds of imposed uniformity can frame and reveal potentially revealing symmetricality and so similarity, that may have been obscured by slight differences in development from the same etymology.  To me it is important to look at what the words meant once and could still mean now.  Not revisiting the linguistic turn, but reviewing original and ongoing percepts and concepts.


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person thinking about life as a series of encounters between expectations and experiences, and applying ideas to ecology, ethics, epistemology, and education in various environments
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