Candlemas: A Pagan Festival of Lights

Candlemas: A Pagan Festival of Lights.  All sorts of festivals of fires and lights and fertility are pulled together in this article; all seem to gather about the same sun time around the world.  Amongst other things, the crone or hag of winter becomes the maiden of spring at this time, with the browns and reds and dull oranges of autumn leaves and winter’s bare branches and leaflittered soil start to glow, and their winter sharp outlines begin to blur, fuzzy with sap and swelling buds, everywhere hazels dusted with yellow catkins and tiny red flowers. As an unredeemable crone and hag myself, still celebrate spring’s springing.  Wish such seasonalities were more widely celebrated in mainstream culture.  Think all our lives would be better for more joy in the passing of seasons as they pass.


About leaflittering

person thinking about life as a series of encounters between expectations and experiences, and applying ideas to ecology, ethics, epistemology, and education in various environments
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