Ecology without Nature: Hot Potato Teleology

Ecology without Nature: Hot Potato Teleology.  Reading lots about ID just to see if there are any reasonable arguments by promoters or detractors, proponents or opponents.  Have found one useful idea, in Behe’s Black Box, I think – that all evolutionary ecology biology/psychology is designerist.  With this idea I agree.  have never been able to see any real distinction It is the appearance of purposiveness cf Dawkins) that underpins teleological accounts, doing critical path analysis with not merely a material deterministic physics but also a meta-material metaphysics.  Fuller is interesting (Dissent from Descent) for his phrase about us always thinking that time’s arrow points to where we are now…


About leaflittering

person thinking about life as a series of encounters between expectations and experiences, and applying ideas to ecology, ethics, epistemology, and education in various environments
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